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cold air intakes and pod filters

Dima r33
03-23-2004, 07:43 AM
Hi guys
I have a few questions:
Does a cold air intake or ram pod damage the engine in any way by letting in more road debris like dust and other crap, as opposed to a stock airbox with a panel filter.

Also, is the following a really stupid idea?:
Is it possible to increase torque and throttle response just by adding additional plastic moulds to the sides of the the air intake (from a stock airbox) thereby catching and directing more air into the airbox - basically just directing more air into the intake? Is this a viable and safer alernative to a cold air intake? :screwy:

03-23-2004, 08:16 AM
No, installing an air intake will not damage your car..... lol..... it will give you better performance and run the engine more efficiently as its giving the engine more air than a stock air box.

Don't worry about putting sides or whatever on the stock air box. Get a cold air intake, they're not too expensive and they are worth the cash for the added performance. Once you have a cold air intake, then you can fit sides around it to block off the ehat from the rest of the engine and direct the air straight into the filter which will also give you better performance. Don't bother doing anything with the stock box is what i'm saying basically.

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