Keller and SCX Oldsmobile Lovers

03-20-2004, 11:11 PM
That SCX from the Helen Keller Thread sounds pretty amazing, I am also impressed by the sound of the performance tuned Aurora. It is great to see people put time and effort into cars that some other people don't see an much..... I have done all the same things to my offsides Oldsmobiles, I am working on building a SCX right now, and I have made a custom air intake pipe for my 95 LSS. Have you ever seen a pair of dual Flowmasters hanging under a LSS, looks somewhat like an exhaust on a Caddy STS...... Sounds Great! But really Reading the argument back and fourth about how both of you could beat on each other with your cars just makes me laugh, cuz if I can't beat either of you with my 92 or 95 Olds', I'll have to go pull out the '69 Hurst/Olds, and if that won't do it, I'll have to pull out old faithfull ----- My 1967 442 (CHEVY KILLER) not much can beat me with this car (On the Street anyway).......

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