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isuzu amigo 94 for sale

03-11-2004, 06:36 PM
hey could anyone tell me how much do you think I can get, if I sell my isuzu amigo 94... 100,400 miles.

About my previous starter problem... I brought it to the shop today... they installed a brand new starter and its been running good. I have previously had some work done on replacing clutch / clutch master and slave cylinder.. whatever that means.

The mechanics says he checked my car thoroughly .. everything is in good working condition.. The only thing I have to replace is the timing belt. I won't be doing this cuz my new car is arriving (from england) next month.

sweet ! so anybody wanna buy my isuzu for me ? lol !! dang i only have ONE parking spot which we pay $55/month. So I have to get rid of my amigo.

if interested.. email me ..

03-22-2004, 10:04 PM
--------------- ISUZU AMIGO 1994 S.U.V. ----------------
picture on personal photo gallery

* 104,000 miles
* 5 speed manual
* 2 wheel drive
* dents on rear bumper
* perfect running condition :
* recently replaced the following ( I have the receipts ):
- clutch / master / slave cylinder
- motor starter
- battery
- front tires

recently added options :
* flip-up tinted SUNROOF (detachable too) - I PAID $380 for this 4 years ago
* light gray hardtop - I PAID $1,100 for this 2 years ago

asking : $1750, negotiable, or best offer .

seller info:
- name: Alexander
- email:
- cell: 917-613-3748
- town: cliffside park NJ 07010 (next to Mcdonald).

11-13-2004, 07:24 PM
2200 at the most, sad but they depreciate in value a lot.

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