My first post, Man I'm glad I found this place!!! I do have a question too!!

03-07-2004, 07:42 PM
I bought a 2003 double cab tacoma after having a 1994 standard cab for several years. To be honest I wish i still had the 94. But I'm glad I found this place because I have the dashboard rattle and I am glad to see other's have had the same problem. I took mine in and they did the foam, but it's still there. I've taken it in about 3-4 more times and they say they can't do anything...... I've had to have a new power steering pump installed already (i've only had this truck for 6 months). My 94 was simple, change the oil, put gas in it, and go!! I'm a little worried about this new one. My wife and friends think i'm crazy because they think i bought a lemon. So anyway i do have one question..... I still hear a little winding/power steering sound when the truck is in idle or when i tap the gas a little bit. Is this normal?? It sounds like it's in the Power steering area or the belts...
Thank you!

03-08-2004, 02:55 PM
My '03 Double Cab makes the same noise-- it is worse when it is cold (below 30 degrees F) I'm glad I have a warantee otherwise I would worry about it. I still have my '94 4Runner V6. Like you said, I just gas it up and change the oil. The ONLY thing I have replaced is the clutch and had the front rotors turned. I bought it new and it now has 180,000 miles. I don't think this American made with Mexican/Canadian parts Tacoma will prove to be nearly as reliable. Still better than a Ford or Chevy though--don't even get me started on Dodge!

03-09-2004, 05:37 PM
The regular cabs are still made in Japan. All extended cab or double cab Tacoma's are USA built (by our across the track hillbilly patriots!)

03-11-2004, 08:25 AM
1998 Extended Cab (Limited) V6 3.4L, 131,000 miles. Truck just had it's first Tune-up, runing great. Only on the 2nd set of tires, got 75,000 out of the 1st set, and still have over half the tread on the 2nd set. Only thing I've had to do, was replace the water pump at 110,000. Other than that, just change the oil & filter, and put gas in and go. Lubed every 5,000 miles (every inch of the vehicle), and changed the fuel filter ever 50,000 miles. Got hit by a darn retread about 2 yrs ago, had to replace the front bumper, bought that a the junk yard off a wrecked 99 taco. Love my Truck man. :2cents:

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