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89 Dodge Caravan - Need to Replace Fuel pump

02-26-2004, 10:49 PM
When I bang on the gas tank with a rubber mallet - the engine fires a little, but dies right out and does not get going. When trying to start it without banging the gas tank - it does not fire at all. Seems like a fuel pump problem doesn't it? I was talking to the auto parts person who I ask about car problems and he was giving a rundown of no fuel problems and mentioned the fuel pump - I said, "Ya know its funny - I just got a full tank of gas". He said 90% of the time when a fuel pump goes - it is after a full tank of gas - it stirs something up and gets caught in the pump. He showed how the whole pump assembly part is $130 and just the pump part is $80 - one has to install the $80 pump part into the assenbly to save that money. +++ 1st problem - tank is full - any ideas on a good way to siphon the gas out? - Do they make a pumping thing like one would use to pump kerosene into a kerosene heater? The mechanical dealer who sold the car to me a couple years ago said it is only a matter of a couple bolts to drop the tank - any advice on this or taking out the fuel pump? I read that the hose that goes down to the bottom of the tank on these cars made by Dodge deteriates - if I would change just the pump in the apparatus - probably this hose ought to be changed for this reason? Is it hard to replace just the pump in the fuel pump apparatus ($80 job instead of $130)? Many thanks!

02-29-2004, 08:48 AM
Isn't it always the thing what do you do with all that gas? You should have been hitting on the floor in the van just above the middle rear of the tank so you don't bend the tank this would have done the same thing. This is one reason it is recommended that one should not let the tank go below 1/4 tank so you don't start sucking in all the junk that is on the bottom. These gas pumps were not very good from the start. You should be happy that you got as long as you did out of it. My 88' went out about 10 years ago. Well now back to the problem. Please don't do this alone if you get into trouble you would want someone else there with you. :bricks1: Put the van up on car ramps or jack stands if you have them just the rear wheels do this with safety in mind as you will be laying under it for a while and I would want to read about you being crushed. Don't forget to block the front wheels so it will not roll. Disconnect the battery ground cable. Remove the filler cap before disconnecting any lines. This will release the pressure in the tank. The tank drain tube is on the front passenger side of the tank it is clamped to the frame there. Make sure that you have enough cans for the amount of gas that you have in the tank. A large funnel could help too. The more gas you get out of it the lighter it will be. Then remove the filler tube to the inner and outer quarter panel. Disconnect the wiring and lines from the tank. The tank is held up by two straps unbolt them and the tank will drop down have some cement blocks under it within just a couple of inches or something high enough so that the tank doesn’t just drop on the ground. Now the pump, the pump is in the rear top of the tank using a hammer and a nonmetallic punch (brass or wood) tap the pump lock ring "counterclockwise" to release the pump. The gasket should be replaced as well. When you put the new one back in do not over tighten it as it could leak. You may want to go for the whole thing when you see what a pain in the ass this is. You will not want to do this again. Oh yea "NO SMOKING:smokin:" Ride On, digimon

02-29-2004, 04:41 PM
Also while you are under the van you should replace the fuel filter. It is on the passenger side about half way up to the front tucted up in-between two of the frame ribs. Ride on, digimon

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