02-26-2004, 06:47 PM
I have a 97 BMW Z3 2.8 which I bought from a dealership with 25000 miles about 2 years ago. Until 3 1/2 weeks ago it had 38000 miles. I took the car to the dealeship because of a small oil leak and they ended up having to replace my engine??? The warranty is paying for it. After almost 3 1/2 weeks they are finally done replacing it for a "remanufactured" one. They told me this was a new engine. No miles on it. Today they are telling me that they finished the job and the only documentation they can give me is saying "engine replaced". They said that it will show 38000 miles in my odometor instead of zero. Can someone give advices on how to deal with this situation? Is this correct? Will my car lose value because of this "remanufactured" engine? What is a remanufactured engine? If I have to sell it, how should I advertise it?

Please help!

02-27-2004, 06:08 PM
When ever and enigne is replaced your miles don't get set to 0, mainly becasue the transmision, paint, supsension and every thing else is 38000 miles old.

A remanufactured engine is simple, they take an engine out of a car with like 300,000 miles, grind out the insides, and replace all the parts, vavles, pistions, pretty much every thing, tipically the enigne will gain a few cc's. Just advertise it as a BMW certirifed remanufactured engine at 38000 miles, installed by dealer, under warranty. They will know that its a new engine, because the VIN on the Engine won't match the VIN on the dash or the chassis/transmission. anyways, hope they poped a 3.0L in there!

but remeber a remanufactured engine could be more simple, it could be a car that sneaked out of the factory with a single bad part, like maybe a bad seal on a valve, so the whole engine got ripped out of the car and was sent back to get only a new seal. Its possible that you have a virtually new enigne sitting in your car, but either way practically everything is new, just don't list it as rebuilt, thats diffrent.

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