93 Toyota Carrolla clutch/transmission problems

02-23-2004, 03:41 PM
Hi Folks,
I have a 93 manual Toyota Corolla 5 speed with 200K miles on it.
In the last month or so, as I've been driving down the road I will notice the RPM's rev up a bit on their own and drop back down. My thoughts were "hmmm, somethings slipping".

Well yesterday it suddenly got to the point that when I press the gas, the engine revs but no power is being transfered to the transmission - or to somewhere - or so it seems.

I checked the clutch fluid, it was a tad low and I topped it off, but with no change. I can't even get it up my driveway now. It just sits and revs in any gear - well I didn't try reverse.
Also, I can put in gear and take my foot off the clutch and it just sits there instead of a jerk and then cutting off.

So, does it sound like the clutch has gone bad or could it be something else (less expensive) or something else more expensive??? :-(

Also, anyone have any guesstimate on how much something like that (clutch replacement or repair, would cost me?? I need to find out how much $$ I need to round up or if I'm better off getting another car. This one is failing fast.

Is it true that the whole engine has to be pulled from above to get the transmission out?

This car is driving me crazy and that's the only place it has been driving me!
Thanks for any advice.


02-29-2004, 07:56 AM
hey ,
clutch is a big job , but not that big, motor stays in , just need to secure it, and drop the trans out to remove the clutch,
and it does sound like you need a new clutch disc and pressure plate, as far as whether car is worth it, it does have a lot of miles, but what condition is it in overall, a clutch job can be expensive, but not bad , i would guess between 5- 600 labor plus parts, give or take, call around and get some estimates,
only other possibitity is the clutch slave cylinder, it is on the front of the trans, have someone step on the clutch and see if the cylinder arm moves
but sounds like the clutch is smoked,
personally , it is just a clutch, do it and move on, easier to sell or trade when it moves

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