'03 2500 Quad Cab Interior "issues"

02-23-2004, 10:13 AM
Good morning everyone, new member here looking for a little help/information.... :)

A few weeks ago, I posted a question on another board asking about excessive squeaking coming from the rear sliding window in my '03 2500 Quad Cab. I got a few replies with some suggestions which I still may try, but I wanted to give the dealer a chance first. So I took it in an explained to the guy writing up the ticket that the noise seemed to be coming from either the latch or where the sliding portion meets the stationary part of the window on the drivers side. Well, they put some sort of silicon lubricant on the tracks itself, which did nothing. In fack I think it's worse now...... I'm going to take it back again and see what they do next. I'll give 'em one more try on this window before I demand a new one. Have any of you experienced this?

Another thing I asked them to check was a severe amount of wind noise from the drivers door. They drove it and said all was normal. Yeah, right. If that's the case, why does the top edge of the door sitck out 1/8" or an inch more from roof that the pass. door? It sticks in an 1/8" more on the bottom. This issue still needs to be resolved. I'll keep you all posted. Does anyone else have this problem???

Then on Saturday, I started noticing an occasional annoying clicking noise coming from the dash to the left of the steering wheel. I pushed on everything and couldn't find anything that seemed loose. The noise seemed to be coming from inside the dash and actually sounded "electrical" in nature.

In addition to that, the seat belt idiot light was on despite the belt being securely fastened. I wiggled it and got it to go out, but it's happened a few times since then.

Sometimes the click and the seat belt light seem to happen at the same time and sometimes not so I don't know if they are related or not. Anyone else seen this?

Thanks and I'll keep you guys posted.


03-11-2004, 01:03 PM
i have same truck 2003 heavt duty 2500 with hemi ,guess i'm lucky cause it is very quiet on the inside no road noise or squeaks rattles or nothing, but i do have one of thr first 2002 mayor that were sold i bought it in 2001.and it my friend sounds like the window is down all the way, imean there is a lot of different noises in that truck dealer helped some but didn't correct all issues .so i leave the 1500 parked mostly and drive the 2500 it is a sweet truck.even with tyhe noise in a lot of the rams they are still the best truck on the road i think .i wish you luck. long live the ram

06-03-2004, 01:47 PM
Re your rear window, check this site:

These are technical service bulletins, I think I saw one regarding your window issue.


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