HELP. Alfa 156 alarm grief !!!

02-16-2004, 04:13 AM

I am in a bit of a mess at the moment - my Alfa 156 alarm mobiliser is stopping me starting the car ! Heres the details of the problem..

When I activate the alarm to unlock the car the alarm just beeps a few times, and the car wont start (doesnt even turn over - not a sound).

Can anyone PLEASE suggest something for me to try ? My manual is in German so not much use to me. I'm going to check the fuses this evening (providing I can find them), but have no idea of which fuse does what because of the manual.

Can anyone help ? Please, I hate the bus !!



Del Lardo
02-23-2004, 07:51 AM
Have you tried with your spare key?

There's a small transmitter in the key that is supposed to disable the imobiliser when you turn the key in the ignition (look for a key shaped warning light in your dash). If the light doesn't go out I'd suggest trying the spare key or contacting your Alfa dealer for a replacement.

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