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Environmental Package

01-22-2004, 10:51 AM
I just got a new Nissan. When my car came in, they gave me this long pitch on an "Environmental Package". The package consisted of an exterior coating, undercoating, and a stain-resistant apolstery coating. The grand total came to $700. The saleswoman went on and on about how my car (and all new cars excluding Honda and Voltswagon) do not come with a clearcoat and therefore are not protected from the elements. She also indicated that the car's finish could have swirls after simply washing the car (since the paint was water-based). This sounded ridiculous to me that most new cars came this way. I declined the package, but am now wondering if this coating system is a good idea. I wish I had all the details about exactly what would be put on. Can anyone shed any light on this situation?

10-10-2004, 08:27 PM
It's a jip. All cars are clear-coated from the factory. Just wax it.

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