Honda Civic 2000 SE Question

01-19-2004, 08:08 PM
Ok, first off laugh if you want, this is not MY CAR, it is my moms, I am 17 and am going for my G2 in about 3 months.

I run a small business of my own installing mod chips into Playstation2 and XBOX Consoles to make my own money as I would rather work for myself and I offer fair prices.

I locally have somewhat made a small name for myself as I am starting out, downside is that although I made altogether $500.00 CDN + $200.00CDN from a small batch of 4 XBOXs I did. I spent $300.00 on christmas presents for people, and bought a brand new playstation2 that I modded and am trying to sell brand new modded w/ a memory card.

ANYWAYS, I am looking to buy a Sony XpLoD CD Deck for the car as in a couple months (in april) it will be my birthday and my goal is to have my G2 before my birthday so I can go out with friends and party a bit.

I in total need $300.00 CDN alltogether for the deck, however, as I have only installed a pair of speakers in one car before (this one, they were CDT Audio CL-6X speakers), I am probably going to find it REALLY difficult to install this deck and I have no idea where to begin, I want to do it myself as a learning experience so I can do the same for friends, I know all cars are different and have heard Hondas are very hard to do in terms of switching the decks, can anyone help me out?

If you want to chat w/ me on AIM, my s/n is LiquidC3ll
on msn, my email is


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