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'92 Taurus stalling

01-17-2004, 11:57 AM
About a month ago I described a problem with our '92 Taurus which would suddenly just quit. The motor would stop just like there was no spark. Sometimes this happened when it hit a bump and usually there was intermittent firing hesitation. Then, after I coasted to a stop, the starter would turn the engine over just fine except it wouldn't start. The EEC fuse blew (this is a 10 amp fuse except mine had been replaced with a 30 amp one by the previous owner) and, initially, all I had to do was replace the fuse and it ran another few weeks. The last time this happened the replacement fuse blew instantly but, just like the other times, after the car sat awhile, a new fuse made it run again. I know a great auto electrician but this is the infamous "intermittent problem" which are often difficult to recreate and troubleshoot. Anyway, inquiries to this forum brought suggestions like the vacuum hoses were routed too close to the block, bad electronic modules, and the Clymer book said that the radiator fan motor bearings could wear and give the short to ground. The latter was disproven by replacing the radiator fan motor and the other problems are otherwise real possibilities except they would'nt blow fuses. So when I was about to install fuses on each possible load to isolate the short, the above mentioned mechanic drove the car to and from his shop to home every day until it happened again. It was the fuel pump. Apparently this particular type jams up mechanically but the motor stays on and draws heavy current. Not the same as a dead short but looks that way. Anyway, replacing the fuel pump seems to have made the problem go away. I'll know for sure in a few months.

Thanks to those on this forum that did offer suggestions. Mike
ps my wife had this car when we got married. This is the only way I would ever aquire an old Ford.

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