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12-24-2001, 09:51 PM
i have an 85 audi 5000s and boy is it a shit box. it broke the first day i brought it and this was 3 months ago, it hasent ran since. somethnig went on the power start switch. on these cars you have to press the brake pedal for it to start. mine wasent working so i took tthe ingition switch apart and i hot wired the car. the car will start but only run roughly for abot 5-10 sec. if i get it started and hold the brake it will run smothly for 5-10 sec. if i press the gas pedal it will studdrr and shut off, i tied all different combos and none works. doesn any1 know why it does this or any good ideas. also when it runs as soon ads it start the temp light comes on. i added some 93 oct gas with some dry gas to see if it helps but it dosent. then i hot wire the on position switch i hear the fiel pump come on. what is happening?

10-27-2002, 05:27 AM
Most likely
You might have a big vacuum leak.
Check all the intake air hoses and stuff really good
Big Rubber Intake boot might be loose or not on correctly - check that boot and it's clamps

Less likely

Timing Belt jumped
Rusty old fuel distributor
Plugged Fuel Filter

CIS Fuel systems are really sensitive to vacuum leaks

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