Pink or Yellow Color Scheme

01-06-2004, 02:25 AM
Well I don't own a Honda, but got a bit in common so wanted to see if any of ya'll could give me some insight.
I own a blue Mazda 98 protege and I am trying to figure out a color scheme to go with it, inside and out.
I was thinking pink, but have found it's very difficult to finding cordinating items, especially for a protege. A honda would have a higher market and even still it's rather difficult. Just think of the money they could be making? LOL
So I was think accents with yellow... which is quite available as far as gauges, neons, intakes etc... I have to have everything matching it's a must.
THe downfall is I have tan interior and yellow doesn't seem to clash with that as far as inside, pink would match better.

What are your opinions? Yellow or Pink on a blue car :) The Blue is a darker blue....if you need a picture let me know lol
Thanks :)

FourG63 97GST
01-08-2004, 01:04 AM
I'll go yellow if i had to choose between the two
still iffy about blue and yellow, maybe it will look good in person
I think pink is corny, it may cute an all, but still corny,for a girl or not

and think about the future, It would be 10 times harder to sell since no guy will be a pink themed car, well no str8 one atleast

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