Sick and Tired of Posers!(ranting)

12-21-2001, 03:28 PM
**The following material is mostly me just ranting, and may be ignored by any serious reader**

I am sick and tired of this crap!! What happened to the good old days when you would see this car and think, what a piece of crap... then the guy would smoke you off the like and be like, "See ya" Now all day all I see is some 16 year old kid riding around in a 6 cyl mustang with a huge ass SALEEN sticker on the side of his car and a huge fin on the back! Then ya wanna race him and he just laughs and shakes his head. "It's not really a SALEEN" he says with a smile....:angryfire
What you're proud of your little posing piece of s***!!! Oh you say "It's all show and no go" huh!! You act like that's cool or something. Kids today are so worked up about image. Well if you're so worried about your image why not put some ass behind your car. You wanna look cool? Well guess what hot shot you're not looking very cool when grandma in her old chevelle(becuase you cut her of you no driving piece of shit) passes you while going to the grocery store are ya!!
1) SALEEN is not a toy. It is not a sticker that you can stick on your car and instantly gain respect. SALEEN is a hard earned, respected name in the automotive industry which is granted only to a lucky few cars destined for those who are serious about having a powerful, refined car.
2) Let's get off the subject of SALEENS for a minute. What the hell is up with people wanting to "tune" 4 cylinders these days. Yes, admitedly they are quick. BUT GUESS WHAT, that all ends at about 45 mph. I know kids who go buy these...what the hell are they called...Civics(sp?) and will spend ungodly amounts of money "tuning" them. When they are done WOW!! Their car has a whole 100 more ponies. :apuke: OOOooow that puts you up to what, say 215 hp total?
$4000 dollars for a measely 100 HP?? And then they say, "Well that price is only for the engine, I paid $1000 for this wing right here". All I have to say is .................Wow.................... Now not only do you look cool but you're bright too. I'm real impressed there kiddo, why don't you take that thing down to the go-cart track I am sure you and them can have some real competition :sleep: Jesus, what are you TRYING to look fast without BEING fast, I just don't get it.
Oh and another thing what the hell is up with that chrome barrel under your rear bumper. Oh that's a muffler you say. That is unique. I have never seen a muffler where the (stock by the way) 1.5" exhause has to have a 6" exit. Oh and you say that single muffler gives an extra 15 horsies. Once again ..WOW.. did the tooth fairy bring that for you?? :toothless NO? Must have been the Easter bunny then. Cool, it sounds like a pissed off bumble bee. Oh that's what a rally car sounds like. Oh yea, rally cars ARE cool aren't they. But too bad your car is nothing like a rally car. No I consider your car more like a Hot Wheels. You know, Hot wheels, leading the way, until you hit 45 mph.

Ouch. My head hurts, I'm gonna go now.

12-30-2001, 04:38 AM
Didn't you know? Ricers are FAST!
Oh yeah, and so are 6 cyl. Mustangs.

Well, Saleens aren't much faster, but they can certainly get up and move!

02-28-2003, 08:02 AM
Just a simple reply. I've been tuning and modifing "45 m.p.h." cars now for a number of years. I'm quite proud of my work and the results it has had...especially against American automobiles. When you get your Saleen apporx 40k let me know. I have a Civic that I have built for my brother that I'm sure he would be more than willing to let me drive. Overall cost after modifying and the price of the car...16k. It runs 12.5's in the quarter and has the big fin. So let me know and I'll be there.

02-28-2003, 08:50 AM
Hey Pikachoo, let people drive what they want, we are all car guys and we are all in the same hobby. I see kiddies putting M badging on their 318, and it just makes me laugh, not angry. I have seen guys modifying Chevy Nomads, a Nomad? Why not a Charger or a Camaro or a Firebird? Why? because the world would be pretty boring if everyone was driving the same car. People like to be original. Posts like that make the atmosphere in these forums very unpleasant.

07-19-2003, 06:03 PM
I saw a Saleen SR351 at Road Atlanta absoloutely torch the competition. That sucker was FAST....he blew past a couple of Porsches and A CR5 on the straights like they were standing still. By the way... who are leaders in international GTS class racing...? Chevy, Saleen, Dodge, and Porsche. By the way, you can tell ricers who don't know shit about tuning cars. Dead give away is the big wing. That much drag slows a car incredibly in a drag race. 'Course downforce can be good on a tight track...but I guess all you need to do to make a Honda Civic really fast is put on a big wing and give it a 200 horse shot of nitrous oxide. (With a fart pipe added on, of course, to get rid of all that exhaust produced by the boost) Oh, yeah...with that much boost from the nitrous, the Honda Civic will still run on pump gas too! And of course the stock transmission, clutch, tires, driveshaft, and differential of that Civic can cut it also. We even have a kid here works at the pharmacy, told me he has a friend with a stock 2.0L Saturn with an aftermarket exhaust that runs 10's in the quarter. I guess my Cobra, with 32V, DOHC, and a variable geometry intake, heads that flow more than 325cfm doesnt have a chance. You've got to be shitting me!


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