Nfsu: Pos??

12-24-2003, 11:21 PM
I just got NFSU, and I'm using a golf gti, and have beaten every race so far on hard, the drifting is a lil wack tho I admit. In the quick race with a stock FD you can pull as much as 75k points from 5laps on the first rectangular track. I enjoy it, but the only problem I have is: WHERE ARE THE COPS? I figured cops would be in the game but I've found none. I've just completed the Drift tournament and unlocked several new vinals, I think it's like race 34 or something, not sure. But I'd like to know, when can I access the FD? I've one the petey pablo and mystikal cars, they're the riciest p.o.s.'s I've ever seen in my life. My golfhas enkei 16'' 6spoke rims with the dish on them, stage 2: engine/exhaust; tires; e.m.s.;turbo; and everything up to weight drop is stage 2. It's the first square on the first palette for paint the shiney silver, has the blue under-glow, I just recently put that and the snyder body kit to upgrade my rep. I just want the drag wing, but can't access it yet. I also have the cf hood with the 3vents on each side. IT's quite fast, have only reached 135 with it then had to slow for a turn. But I really like the game, if only it had cops I'd like it even more!

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