having frontier stereo issues

12-17-2003, 12:31 PM
Hi guys i'm new to this board.... usually post on nissanforums.com but I have a question for you frontier people. I bought a 2003 frontier SE-v6 back in august and have been wanting to juice up the stereo a little. Is anybody familiar with the 7 speaker upgraded stereo in the K/C's?

My questions pertain to the little "subwoofer" on the back of the cab. Someone was telling me the 6 disc changer stereo is a 5 channel stereo. is that true? if it is does that mean the subwoofer runs on it's own channel, the tweeters on the side of that little box run of the the RL and RR channels, and the components up front run off the FR and FL channels? if this is all true then My adding a 10 sub will work great because I can just tap into the low level output of the sub before it hits the amp, right? also has anybody taken that box off the cab wall and relocated the tweeters and just get rid of the 6.5" "subwoofer"? that would be ideal since it would make building a custom box for a single 10 easier and make the back easier to put stuff in since I won't have this thing jutting out of the wall.

Anybody that could offer some advice or who's dealt with this system would be great. I believe this radio is designed by fosgate and has been the frontiers since they were redesigned in 98.


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