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Blazer dies and won't start till later

Chris Gilde
11-24-2003, 01:50 PM
I've got a '95 Blazer that is prone to dying at idle speeds (at a stop or going very slow). When I restart, it always turns over easily, and the engine wants to fire, but it only sputters or fires and runs for only a few seconds. Many times it will not start at all. It almost always starts after having sat overnight however. Then it seems just a matter of chance until it leaves me stranded again.

I have had several mechanics try to figure this one out. They have examined the spider, fuel pressure, and the ignition system at length with no permanent results. I have replaced or reconditioned the spark plugs and wires, the rotor, fuel filter, EGR sensor & valve, coil, alternator & solenoid. Fuel pressure is good as well as spark.

A few months ago (before this newer problem), it lagged under heavy acceleration, and the check engine light would come on, but since replacing the ignition parts, that problem is gone. After a mechanic had suspected the EGR sensor and unplugged it, the check engine light has stayed on. It feels like a short, but I have no idea where. Can anyone help? Very much appreciated.

11-24-2003, 03:12 PM
It sounds like fuel. I've seen fuel pressure be good but flow bad due to a pluged filter. Wonder if something heats up and effects the injecters?

11-30-2003, 01:22 PM
Fuel pressure is good but does it hold pressure after engine is off?

If not, might be fuel pulsator or regulator. When my pulsator failed, I changed everything too before finally finding the problem.

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