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Installing HID kit on 00 Jetta

11-22-2003, 08:48 AM
I recently picked up this Jetta and I have a 9006 HID kit from my bimmer still and I would like to install it in the Jetta. The problem I am having is first the bulbs are obviously different and I can't find bulbs only on the internet for less than $200 each it seems. I only payed $450 for the kit anyhow. It is a decent kit too. I have Phillips ballast and bulbs. I wanted to know if any one here has HID's in their Jetta's and if so did you hook it up yourself or have it professionally installed. I hooked them up in my bimmer but the bimmer did not have daytime running lights, also the 9006 plug on the bimmer plugged directly into the ballast so it was nothing difficult at all. If anybody have info or links on install tips etc.. please let me know. Also if anybody knows of where to find these bulbs for less than $200 a bulb please let me know as well. Thx guys

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