C/D's Review: Toyota Tundra V8: Necessarily a Necessity Necessitated

11-19-2003, 09:20 PM
This Barry Winfield I understand as a diluted half-writ'. Toyota, alone, did cause the Toyota Tundra Double Cab V8 literature to be placed on distant page 121 of Car and Driver magazine. The half-writ's excessive use of "necessitated" is distracting, and thinks Toyota can't use progressive springs to provide a comfortable ride prepared for tow and cargo loads.

Winfield, write about men's inseams and draperies -- forget automotive.

11-19-2003, 09:41 PM
Car & Driver, foldout caused lost face

This-month's magazine:
- qualified by the fine intelligent work of Csaba Csere, again; this is a mind
- incompetent via Pontiac GTO testers, learning more about the competition than Pontiac
- a fool's fool writer that does not seek The Edge in a Porsche GT; who is the fool?
- the long page foldout near the cover caused me to tear the foldout _and_ the cover off; I don't tear into my automotive magazines; you inspired this
... not that C/D is aesthetic and collectible as CAR magazine; C/D rates as a periodical like common newsprint
- several pages of empty propaganda about umbrella tarts and the show they adorn; much like Import Tuner magazine and labeling an actor as owned by his former wench; swell, Neil and editors
- thanks for placing the compact disc spam in the center page, making the entire article easy to tear out and promptly discard; the CD made nice sparks in the microwave oven
- objective iDrive review

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