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Hummer H2/Tahoe Same truck

11-18-2003, 03:03 PM
What a scam GM got going I have the 2002 z71 Tahoe and wanted to trade it in for a new 2004 Tahoe for a H2 and was shocked what I found.
The window sticker on the Tahoe that I like is $46,650 I can get it discounted to $38,000 But when I bought my 2002 Tahoe it was $40,814 MSRP and bought it for $31500 this was 1 1/2 years ago, what the heck happened??
I know, GM stuck some cheep gadgets in the Tahoe and jacked up the MSRP so they can make up the $$$ they lost since 2000. I think it may be wise to refinance my old loan for my 2002 Tahoe.
The other thing is I went to test out the Hummer H2 and found out its the same truck as the Tahoe, all the Hummer is, is square stamped sheet metal v round stamped sheet metal on the Tahoe, Same chassis, front suspension, rear suspension the rotors are heavy duty 2500, same dash, door hardware, seats and interior parts.
Funny thing is a base Hummer MSRP of $51045.00 is the same truck of a Tahoe MSRP of $38500
The insurance class of the H2 with Liberty Mutual is a class 22
my Tahoe is a class 12
GM has some kind of scam going to get back their money they lost since 2000. You be the juge!

11-19-2003, 12:19 AM
The H2 is actually quite different than a Tahoe. First off it is on the chassis of a 2500 Suburban with the front and rear overhangs shortened. The suspension is the same as a 2500 if it isnt equipped with the air ride. With the air ride you get 2 or 3 more inches of ground clearance in the back. It is only available on H2's. The Transfercase is only found in the H2. It has the Vortec 6.0 V8 the Tahoe has the Vortec 5.3 V8. The rear differential in the H2 is a electronic locking differential. Arguably the best kind of locking diff on the market. The Truck has better side slope stability and approach and discent than any other truck besides the H1. Also a winch is available. Stock 35 inch tires. It also has removable step bars. At the base this is a 2500 Suburban, but when it is done, it is a little Hummer.


11-19-2003, 04:38 PM
GM disrespected the Hummer name with the h2. The real Hummers are cool because they are unlike every other vehicle on the road and they have IRS that doesn't suck. If i wanted a suburban i'd buy one (no i wouldn't we have had two and they suck). What a grocery getter SUV.

11-19-2003, 04:43 PM
it is a little Hummer.


Its no where near a little Hummer ita a chevy truck and refuse to pay extra for square sheet metal and a Hummer nameplate!

Did you ever look inside one? its all Tahoe

Ok a H2 is a 2500 truck with a Tahoe body on it.

As for the transfer case just for the H2?

I don't think so if anything its from a 3500 diesel

GM just slaps a bunch of parts together from the back room and puts a difrent rapper around it.

I think you argument would work if I was saying the H2 was like that VW Twarg.

11-20-2003, 03:20 PM
Not only does the H2 cost more than the 2500
The insurance is way more its rated at a class 22
a Tahoe is rated at 12, a 2500 is rated at a 11
my Tahoe costs me $750 a year full coverage.
A hummer will cost me $1250 a year for full coverage
And for what is his extra cost needed???
I guess ill need it when that Hood Rat comes and steals my H2 grill and has it hanging from his neck by a gold chain

06-24-2004, 01:32 PM
H2 is a disgrace to all h1 and humvee pilots. Brand value just dropped through the floor

09-09-2004, 04:29 PM
I hear you, but as an H2 owner I have to disagree. I've owned a 1998 Land Cruiser, 2000 Landrover Disco, 2000 Tundra, and a 2001 Tahoe. So I have first hand experience with all of these to make a better comparison. In lieu of the "technical" capabilities one might try to convey in writing, you just need to experience H2 ownership to "get it." We love it. To each his own and if you have no basis to make comparisons (e.g. actually owning it and others), why make brash statements?

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