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Going to be purchasing a 2000 viggen..i wanna know about what's to know from people!

Chuck IT 2002
11-03-2003, 09:53 PM
Hey hey, I listed my car as the one im getting.

It's a 2000 Saab Viggen with 30,688 miles on it.

Its in awesome condition, and is being sold at a dealership. The salesguy was straight out with me, and said the car might need an alignment. Is this a common problem with viggens? I test drove another a few months ago, and the same problem. Alignment. The wheel seems to rumble when traveling over 50.

I love this car so much, I wouldnt mind going to NTB and getting the car aligned. After all, it's a beauty otherwise.

I was also thinking about synthetic. Firstoff, is 30,000 miles too late to start using synthetic? Or do people think I should stick with the oil grade saab recommends?

Hmm....decisions decisions!

any feedback is awesome. Except for all those people out there that are going to cry for me buying a Saab. I dont wanna hear it! haha okay, go!

thanks in advance,

11-04-2003, 12:08 PM
If the wheels rumble in higher speeds it's usually because the wheels aren't properly balanced. I recommend that you tell the dealer to fix this, in worst case a tire or rim can be damaged. If there is anything wrong with the suspension setup this is usually noticed on the tire wear.

From the factory the car comes with semi-synthetic motor-oil, after this a fully synthetic motor-oil should be used. 0W-30, 0W-40 or 15W-50 or similar can be used. If synthetic oil isn't availible any motor-oil that fulfill the demands for API SG/SH, ACEA A2-96/A3-96 and CCMC G4/G5 can be used. No extra oil addetives should be used.

The engine is called B235R and is in hardware exactly the same as the B235R used in 9-5. In Viggen it has 230 or 225 hp, the newer ones got 230 hp and this software is the best. Initially the engine mapping was to be done by TWR in England, they could however not get it properly done so Saab had to done it their self. This was done in short time so the software wasn't the best, this was later fixed (2000 i believe) and the cars got 230 hp.

The most important thing to check is that the gearbox is okey, that it doesn't make any noise during gearcharge and that all gears goes in smoothly. The gearbox is a common problems on Saabs and is also expensive to fix. The engine usually don't cause any bigger problems, the most common is probably that the DI cassette (its capacitive discharge ignition with ionization sensing) fails, but it can easily be replaced.

In general the car offers great performance for its cost, but the biggest drawback is probably that the chassi isn't that stiff but small modifications can make that better if wanted.

Also, it's possible to find WIS, Workshop Information System and EPC, Electronic Parts Catalog, on internet by peer2peer. This is the programs Saab dealers are using, exploded views of all parts, all specifications, service program, technical information and so on.

Chuck IT 2002
11-05-2003, 07:59 AM
thank you so much! that was awesome. very nice very nice.


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