FS: E24 Steering Gear Mount Fix

KC Ron Carter
10-28-2003, 10:27 AM
BMW E24 & E28 Steering Gear mounts repair kit.
All years from 1982 to 1989


Price is $38
Shipping in North America is $6 all others please e-mail for amount.

PayPal is my preferred method of payment.
kcroncarter@kc.rr.com is my ID for PayPal.

All e24 and e28 have a designed weak point in the steering gear box mount.

The metal band weakens with use and breaks.

Welding a new mount is normally a $400 to $500 correction and still is a weak design.

Real Time has made and tested a kit that works for the already broken and the weakened mounts also.

Each spacer is hand fitted to provide a installation ramp for the weakened mounts to force them back top the original position.

Tools required to remove the old attachment is a 17mm socket, 11/16 SAE is a good conversion, and a 17 mm wrench.

Tools required to install the Real Time kit are a 16mm socket, 5/8 SAE is a good conversion, and a 16mm socket.

A hammer or similar device to force the mount back to the OE position if weakened and not broken yet.

A torque wrench to provide 30 ft lbs of torque.

Positioning the spacer and installing the high tensile strength bolt will spread the force to both sides of the BMW frame.

Installation is as fast as 10 minutes and as slow as 20 minutes to reposition a weakened bracket. We have done stress analysis and no further issues were ever noted.

A Real Time fix it and forget it.

If you can change a fan belt you can install a Real Time steering kit.

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