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10-17-2003, 08:51 PM
Hey, I'm the owner of a nice black J30 that I'm in the process of "pimping out" I know quite a bit about Japan and I have some connections, I want to share some info with you all:

I owned a nice R32 GTS-t Skyline until recentley when I returned, although I loved my car quite alot, I couldn't afford the Import fees or wait the time to get it, maybe I'll get one from moterex in a few years if the price keeps dropping.

My first option for a car upon returning to the U.S. was to get a 240SX and go for a SR20DET swap to make a fun little ride. I spent about two months searching, and all I could find in my area was overpriced, riced out crap. I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago (I'm "thrifty") and, lo and behold, I saw a lovley 94 J30t sitting in a mans front yard. the price was $3200. At first I wasin't really drawn to the car because I assumed it was a typical underpowered FWD luxury ride, after I took a closer look
and saw the black leather interior, I took a look under the hood. I was very suprised to see a nice big v6 facing front and back. I had a look under the back and saw the same HICAS system I had on my skyline. I was very impressed. I looked at the man who was running the garage sale and asked "what's wrong with this car?" he replied. "nothing." I was skeptical, so I took a test drive, needless to say, I was sold.

I was very eager to getting into modifying the car. My skyline I owned in Japan was an exellent money pit, I could get anything aftermarket I wanted (I'm not talking about the crappy stickers and stupid tail lights I've seen on just about every crappy honda since I returned to the states either) I'm talking real performance parts.

anyway, I looked all over the damn internet and found nothing. All of the J30's I see are generally the same looking, and performing. stereo's seem to be the only thing modded in these things.

here's the info. I used some of my Japanese web surfing skills to find some stuff out.

In Japan, the Infinity J30 Is marketed as the "Leopard Jour Ferie"
(kinda gay, hugh?)

now, for all of you who don't know already, there is no "infinity" in Japan, all of nissan's cars are sold as "Nissan" (pretty clever, hugh?)
the Nissan Leopard Jour Ferie is simmilar to our model except for a few things (from what I gather from poorly translated Japanese wesites)
1) it is badged as a "nissan" not an infinity
2) it's not so luxurious, no standard leather different grille
3) the Japanese model has a 4.1L V8 option!!!

Lots of Japanese guys customize there car by re-badging it as an Infinity J30 and changing the grille and headlights.

now, I did a lot of searching and I couldnt find any body kits at all (I'm not talking about a damn ricer body kit so get off my back!) In Japan they make these luxury car kits called "V.I.P." car kits (I think) they usually consist of plain sideskirds and a wider frond and rear bumper. I saw these cars quite often while I lived in Japan, they look like what you would expect to see the yakuza driving in a movie. usually all black with limo tint, and a big white "tassle" hanging from the rear view mirror. and a very nice set of wheels. and projecting exaust. the rear view mirrors usually have a "big rear view mirror" upgrade. I saw this variety of car often in japan, put I never really paid too much attention to the details of what models they where (can you blame me, I was too busy driving my damn skyline!)
anway, I am only one person, and I can't think of everythig, but if we all work together we might be able to find some stuff, so here's some tools:

Here's the Nissan J. Ferie owners club website. download japanese text support if you don't have it already: pay attention to the bottom left columb for the "english" section

can't read, write, speak or understand japanese? use this to decrypt those pesky kanjii characters, all you have to do is type in the URL and set it to japanese to english. it will not work if you don't have japanese text support:

try typing "Leopard J. Ferie" in this. most english words are writen in english on Japanese web sites, ex: "Leopard" is a brand name, so you can find it, however "Mitsubishi" is a Japanese name, so "misubishi" will appear in Kanji in most japanese web sites. I hope that's not too confusing.

here's a goooood one. I always bought stuff for my car from yahoo Japan auctions, although I cant speak Japanese, Here's the secret. Car parts are always listed by Chassis code, example, when I was looking for part for my car, I didin't type "Nissan Skyline" I typed "HCR32" which is the chassis code for a R32 Skyline GTS-t, another example "RPS13" that's a S13 silvia (I think)
now, I know, I know, how the hell am I supposed to know what my search results turn up? I'll tell you how, after you enter in your search when the results pop up, move your mouse around to the different kanji word in the head of the search results. you will notice at the bottom of your window, the HTML is displayed for the area you are clicking on. move it around until you find the one that ends with "&MODE=1" if you click on that, you will be in "all pictures mode" if you can't figure this out, try the translator website I mentioned above (it's sketchy with me and yahoo Japan auctions)

O.K.! I hope I sombody out there can use this info to find us some cool stuff! Be shure to share your results on this website!


10-18-2003, 12:51 PM
I'm not sure how liong this link will be active, but here's an example of a V.I.P. style body kit, this is the kind we will most likley find for this sort of car in Japan. this is an older model Leopard..

10-20-2003, 12:00 AM
I found a perfect example of the kits I am speaking of. here is a VIP car wabsite. I have not seen this style of car in the states. what do you think?

10-20-2003, 12:02 AM
here's a website for a company selling the body kits I was talking about.

10-26-2003, 11:29 PM
thanks for the helplful links,
please post any other links to j's with alternative body styles,
I didn't come across your thread in time to check out the yahoo
auction pics and my attempts to sort through the junction-pro
site has been fruitless in regards to finding j30 pics, but will keep
Eventually I would like to design a mold for j30 body kit. If anyone
with artistic ability could create a visual of front and side views of
a j with custom bumpers/ skirts that would be awesome.

will keep y'all posted,

other hand fab projects include body kits
for 86'-89' olds toro trofeo and Honda
CBR f2 (a la Airtech)

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