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F1 Transmission bad?

10-11-2003, 10:00 AM
Hi, I heard F1 Transmissions are really sucky for city driving (Which, practically is what we all do) and that the computer does not handle the clutch very well in city situations and often causes the clutch to engage and disengage very often causing the clutch to burn itself out. I have heard many ferrari owners with F1 transmission say they can smell a burning clutch. Some people say even when they just use reverse it burns out the clutch too. Another person even said that the clutch overheated once in simple traffic and the computer forced and locked the car in neutral. When it went in neutral the wheels were locked in place, he couldnt even push it off the road. What im also hearing is if the battery in your car dies you lose ALL the programming and everything has to be retimed too, and maintenece also costs 1500 for the car and clutch replacement on an F1 costs around 3000 not including labor for both of those. ALSO, I have heard even Ferrari of San Francisco say to one guy that if he keeps using the F1 transmission in regular traffic that he will have to get the clutch replaced every 3,000 miles.


10-15-2003, 07:50 AM
Yes i have heard some of that stuff

The only place you really can use the F1 Transmission is on the track otherwise you'll be better off with a manual 6-speed witch i think is more sporty. With a manual transmission you have more control over the cars movement.

The thing with the battery, i haven't heard of yet, but i will check it !

Kind Regards
Bo Sørensen

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