anyone interested?

10-01-2003, 01:58 AM
This is to anyone in the southeast Wisconsin area. My friends and I are starting up a real car club. By real I mean not going out and getting some jackets that say you’re in one. By real I mean our own car shows, events, racing, regular meetings, etc, etc. The club is called Misguided Motorsports, as in any type of car can join with the right mods. We plan on getting well known around the nation, but at the moment there are only about 10 members who are qualified to be in. We are looking for persons with at least med. modified cars, who have done all the work themselves or have participated in: i.e. - a friend helping. I also don't mean just engine, suspension counts as well. If anyone is interested or just wants some more info, e-mail me back at Thank you all!

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