What puts down what with what...

09-29-2003, 11:32 PM
I wanted to start a thread to show people exactly what honda engines STOCK will put down.

This first one is a completly stock dual cam zc, that meens stock header stock intake and this one is also using a crap ass dx transmition.

Kunundrum says 146 whp and 108 ft lbs torque on his stock b16, I'll take his word for it althoe I dont have a dynoGraph to show :disappoin and for some reason I cant find any dyno's of stock B16's... Kunundrum, whats up with a dyno? B16A2?

On to the GSR, this is a STOCK OBD2 B18C1 BRAND NEW...
http://www.bseries.net/images/dynos/NA/stock98b18c1.jpg 133 Whp and 108 Ft lbs tq... Hmmm... Interesting.

This is a stock USDM typeR

and a stock JDM typeR

I'll get the rest later if anyone is interseted... Ide also like to get some better dyno's of stock zc's with Si/ZC transmitions... Those Dx tranies kill.

09-29-2003, 11:37 PM
I dont want to start any kind of war with this thread BTW, I am just showing how the Geomitry of these different specimens can durasticaly change performance.
Why I dun like the gsr is obviouse, bad geomitry, and the sad thing is, i have seen dual cam zc's STOCK with a zc trany lay down almost as much as that, and trust me, the ZC doesent have much better geomitry then the gsr and no vtec! I guess that shorter stroke realy helps! AKA, Gsr stroke to long, ZC stroke to short.
Buy a stroker kit for your B16 and I'll come slap you.

09-30-2003, 08:09 AM
Some that I found.. Close to stock.

"stock motor muffler tech piping.. with some cheapo filter!!!"


Stock P61 (92-93 GSR ECU)
JDM 92-95 B16A
Stock 10.4:1 compression ratio
B17A airbox modified for cold air
B17A exhaust manifold
2.25" crush bent exhaust
Timing advanced to 18 degrees
Gas was 93 octane


09-30-2003, 03:27 PM
Nice dynos SIZ, you would be able to locate one of a B16A with the ferea roller rockers would you? I have a little argument going on :)

One of the other mods over at the ZCR has a dyno of his stock zc laying down 129 whp and 118 ft lbs tq with the pm7 ecu and zc trany, Im waiting for him to scan it/take a pic so i can post it.

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