03-31-2001, 01:20 PM
Has anyone seen the new Isuzu Axiom? It isn't quite out yet, but I checked it out at the L.A. Auto Show a while back and was really impressed. What I found really interesting was that it is a body-on-frame vehicle, but has the look of a vehicle that is car-derived instead of truck-derived. What does everyone else think of the new addition to the Isuzu SUV family? If you want more info on the Axiom, register at for email updates.


05-10-2001, 02:56 PM
I drove one here in New York . . . there was a little test drive area set-up in a corner of a shopping mall parking lot one Sunday . . .

It's actually quite funny, they set it up with little orange cones and schitt . . . looked like an auto-x was going on. That definately got my attention . . . so I walked over and got a quick two rides at the helm of this thing . . .

Very nice interior appointments . . . although I can't say I enjoyed the pumpkin hue of the interior . . . not too comforting. And the mini course was set up real tight so I couldn't lean into it like i would of liked to. The V6 felt solid though . . . although most would feel that way at about 10mph . . . lol!

Wouldn't you know I forgot to try out the stereo!! Didn't realize it till three hours later . . .

11-26-2001, 02:58 PM
Yah, I love the Axiom. We need a forum here for it. I am disapointed that I have only seen like 2 on the road so far, but I really want one. $26,000 is a little over budget for my parents to get me a car. I also want the new Land Rover Freelander which is hott, but I only like it because its a Land Rover, ya know. What would you guys chose? Axiom is a far better value but Freelander is a much better name.


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