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Average base prise - PS: Norway SUCK!!!!

08-27-2003, 03:52 PM
What is the average base price for a viper? I know it can vary from state to state and dealer to dealer, but an appx. price.

'02 GTS?
'02 ACR?
'03 SRT

Anyway in comparison to Norway it's chep as hell. In Norway where I so unfortunately live, for a '01/'02 Viper GTS you have to pay around $240.000,- Insurrance will cost you about $10.000,- a year, if you are under 25 that is. That's a lot of money!

And!, if you don't import it from the U.S you only get 385hp, and a UGLY Chrystler-badge-licenceplate-brackett in the front. Stickers are'nt allowed in Norway. :nono:

But if you import it from the US or any other contry you have to pay taxes for the following:

Wheight: $12.000,-
ccm-tax: $73.000,-
kw-tax: $54.000,-
VAT: $14.000,-

That's a 153 smackers just in taxes. Norway SUCK!!!!!!!! :crying:
I don't understand it, Norway pumps up like a gazillion litres of oil every day and yet we have there horrible car prices. For a freakin Jeep gran cherokee you have to pay almost $60.000,- :banghead: - That's with mid-size engine and basic extras.

You don't know how lucky you are.

As soon as i finish my collage degree I'm coming to join you in America!

ps: Norway SUCK, SUCK and SUCK!!!! :crying:


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