Lifted Excursion

11-30-2000, 04:11 AM
So has anyone read the current Off Road magazine? One of the articles is on a Excursion with 44's on it. Oh yeah the coolest part is that they show it with all 4 off the ground!!!!!! They set up the suspension to almost mimic a prerunner!!! truly impressive!!! I tell you all to check it out!!

12-13-2000, 07:08 PM
In a recent Dupont Registry there was an excursion (I think) that had a huge lift and huge tires. Similar to the one you speak of...Was it a bright green? I thought this one had 48's.

12-13-2000, 07:17 PM
Excursion 19" lift, 44" boggers.

Expedition (this is the one I was talking about). 44" tires, though, not 48. oops.

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12-13-2000, 07:19 PM
it's a .........
what's the point of doin this?
it's a plain waste of money, since if you try to go fast the car will roll over like a new born horse [that's a simile].
why not buy a really good car instead of doing this stupid mod?

12-27-2000, 02:09 PM
I like Range Rovers, especially the new ones. They lift automatically I believe.

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01-18-2001, 02:16 AM
paul, a friend of mine had one.. it was pretty cool

now he drives a viper :(

(it's amazing what the pinball machine market can make money-wise.. lucky guy..)

02-26-2001, 07:50 PM
And where would you use a monster like this? The excursion is already the biggest production truck, in length, the hummer is the only thing wider, if I do remember correctly. You'd need to cut down half the trees in a forest before you could pick your way through. And, yes, would it ever roll! It looks neat and everthing, but more fun could come out of a smaller truck.

04-02-2001, 08:36 PM
My friend has a 68 Chevy Scottsdale with a 468 Big Block and 15" Lift with 44" Super Swampper Boggers. Thing goes anywhere and can't get stuck, he's tried.

Doesn't roll at all.

05-08-2001, 09:19 PM
those look so retarted....

i'd lower the damned thing.

11-06-2001, 06:23 PM
Lower? LOL
Actually The purpose of the larger off road vehicles, are normally search and rescue. The smaller ones can't do the job as well, and also some people just want to drive the biggest thing they can.
One of my friends got his hummer stuck one day. SO we set out to try to get it unstuck. 2 Chains, 5 different trucks, and 14 Hours later, we get a hold of someone who has a F-350 extended cab with 38s(a search and rescue vehicle) with the powerstroke diesle engine in it. I rode back with him to show him how to get to the whole(those trails are a maze). He missed a turn at one point, so he had to turn around, so what does he do? He turns into the woods pushing down trees to turn around. Once he got there, he pulled him out no problem. Let me tell you how stuck this hummer was though. The hole he was in was named don't fuck with me. The only things that I know of that have made it through were a 1986 Bronco(with the big engine and 44s), and the F-350 after he pulled my the hummer out. The water/mud was up to the vents ontop of the hummers hood, and inside the water was upto the subwoofer(he had the drain plugs in the floor out for some odd reason)

04-09-2004, 06:56 PM
:useless: J/K dude, i love excursions.

thunderbird muscle
07-07-2004, 10:51 PM
Lower it. Why lower it. I want on with a powerstroke 4x4 lifted with 38s to 44s. These trucks are cool and can't be stopped!

07-30-2004, 09:05 PM
Lowering a new truck is pointless... Some of the older street rod trucks(pre 1948) do look nice lowered though due to there wide fenders and running boards.

08-03-2004, 09:40 PM
Ya mean something like this? :icon16: X@autozone 2.jpg X #4.jpg

08-03-2004, 09:42 PM
dang thats friggin high.

01-12-2005, 04:11 PM
One cannot understand what we mean until you go froadin' and go thru a deep mud pit and do not get stuck, It's a blast to have a truck like this and you get to look down on everybody to boot, don't knock it till you try it.

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