92 g20 Help in Houston

07-25-2003, 04:38 PM
Hello all,
first thanks for this forum, you've helped me to get to know my car quite well. Unfortunately, i inherited this car with some torn outer CV boot covers with definite corrosion inside (the joints still seem fine for now though). anyway, i'm trying to fix it up so i got two new remfg. front axles, but I am helpless to install them. i would love to learn how and i've seen good posts, but i'm really nothing of a mechanic.

otoh, if someone knows of someone around that can do it cheap (needn't be professional, i have all the instructions, i just don't know what to do without any tools...) AND let me observe so i can learn, that would also be great.

lowest quote so far for the both is $180 total from a new mechanic. from other posts, this is a job that is under two hours for non-pros, so that seems a little steep.

one guy even said that we charge higher for customer's with their own parts to make up for the profits we would normally make selling them
ha ha



willing to trade any and all computer skills, but no money as i'm still a student...

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