07-23-2003, 04:27 PM
Has anyone seen, driven, been in, the the Ascender yet? Thinking of leasing, but haven't seen on yet.

07-24-2003, 12:01 AM
The Ascender is exactly the same truck as the GMC Envoy XL or the Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT. A 5-passenger Ascender will be out before the end of the year, which will be the same as the GMC Envoy aand Chevrolet Trailblazer (and Buick Rainier and Oldsmobile Bravada).

10-01-2003, 07:05 PM
My family bought an Ascender about 10 months ago when they first came out, and we have enjoyed it alot. It is stylish and catches peoples eyes on the road, and gives a really smooth ride. People have commented how smooth and soft it is, you can easily fall asleep in the nice 3rd row seat. The inside is nice with wood grain trim, and the cloth on the seats is comfortable and plush. On the top-line modles, the leather is very nice. It is the same as the GMC Envoy, Chevy Trailblazer, Olds Bravada(5 PASS), Buick Rainier, and the upcoming SAAB SUV, but costs thousands less and has a warranty 3X as long as GMs. All i can say is that it is great and ISUZU rules. Its a really great all-around SUV and i highly reccomend it to everybody. And there are good rebates on them too. Oh wait i wrote this great review ill put it here from where i posted it before.

ISUZU, the SUV specialists, has released a new mid-size SUV for the 2003 model year. Available in 2003 in a 7-passenger model, and adding a 5-passenger model in 2004, it is identical to and built in the same American factory as the GMC Envoy/ Chevy Trailblazer/ Oldsmobile Bravada/ Buick Rainier. It has slightly different styling that makes its outward appearance distinctly ISUZU, and is somewhat bolder and nicer looking than its cousins from GM. The whole body and interior of the vehicle is American made, but the powertrain (available in a powerful v6 and v8) is a strong, nearly bulletproof ISUZU engine that ISUZU is renowned around the world for. The interior is very comfortable, with ample seating for seven, and wood grain trim standard. Overall it is a very accomadating and tasteful interior. In the top of the line model, the rich black leather blends luxuriously with the wood trim and the rest of the extremely spacious interior. With the folding seats, the vehicle can hold up to an amazing 100 CUBIC FEET of cargo. Thats almost unprecendented for a midsize. The ride of this vehicle is almost flawless, smooth and soft as a cloud. The engine runs smoothly and quietly, making the backseat that can fold into a bed-like configuration a road trip dream. The standard towing equipment can tow up to 7,200 LBS! But enough of all the features and capabilities, the bottom line will put the icing on the cake. PRICES START AT ONLY $27,000. I've even see them as low as $25,999, as sales have not been as good as hoped for due to a lack of advertising. Even the posh top of the line model stickers at only about $33,000, with every amenity you could ever hope for. Compared to others, this is how the Ascender's price compares. Remember they are the exact same vehicle built with the same parts at the same factory with the same features.
Isuzu Ascender: around $27,000.
GMC Envoy: $30,270
Buick Rainiernot yet anounced oficially, but said to be betwenn $35,000 and $40,000.(only available with 5 seats).
Oldsmobile Bravada: $32,570 (only available with 5 seats).
Chevy Trailblazer: $30,820.

GMC: 3 yr/36,000 mi.
Chevy:3 yr, 36,000 mi.
Buick:3 yr/ 36,000 mi.
Oldsmobile:3 yr/ 36,000 mi.

Clearly, the ISUZU Ascender beats its competitiors in every single way., and the price is thousands less. On the road, everybody in the cars next to us would turn and stare, as in awe of its style and beauty. What more is there to say! Check it out now!

And if you love ISUZU too, please help defend it at The car connection forum because me against 42578465 Isuzu-haters is not a good mix, they hate me and isuzu lol. c y'all later

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