Check Out This Rice From Japan!!!

07-23-2003, 05:53 AM
This is a car show that was held on base back in Iwakuni. Most, if not all, the cars belonged to Japanese civilians...the majority of fixed up Hondas in Iwakuni are Accord wagons and Odysseys...and you see some SICK...use that word too see some DOPE wagons/vans over there. I mean being in Japan made me want an Odyssey soooooooo bad. But the few fixed up civics/integras I saw were fixed up USDM style.
There was a pretty big crew over there called Greed Creation and the head guy was into Import Tuner and American rap. He couldn't read english at all though...kind of how we are with Option mags...anyway, just a quick story...I heard he was at a show once in japan and he was the only person playing American music. All the rest were playing this Japanese techno I guess. Well the judges said they could only play American music or they had to shut their systems off. Well since systems are a big part of show cars, of course they didn't want to turn them off. This guy ended up renting out his cds for like $20 a pop.
Anyway, here's some pics. Let the hating begin:biggrin:

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So there it is. Nothing too fancy but it was a pretty good show for being on base. I think it might have been on the 4th of July weekend, '02 but I forget:smile:

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