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pics from my trip to downieville (56k beware)

07-21-2003, 07:49 PM
anyways, i been gone for 2 weeks or so and so here is all my pics ... it was a great trip.

Got everything packed up and gettin ready to leave the hizzle

about 1 block away we had to close the camper door :loser:

then I gassed up my car in vacaville

and got some bread so that we could make lunch when we got there

then I hadda pee and saw my parents at the rest stop ... they were ahead of me cause i had to stop for gas and shit

senic shot mobbin on 80

gotta get there

cruisin over donner summit

my cars sister

damn the roads get empty out here

cheapest gas round these parts ... damn ca

now im in the cuts

population 30

me up in the hills at the overlook

car got a little hot and the radiator fluid was boilin

temp is still normal though

kickin up a lot of dust on the dirt road

my car with the sierra buttes behind it

then me and my dad went and cut some firewood

got my bike off the roof rack

my black lab in the back of the truck

fillin up the water cans at the well about 1 mile from camp

then we cruised up to packsaddle ... the road has a 1500 ft elevation gain within 2 miles

now its the 10th and we went to quincy later that day

and saw this terrible kit car, it was really unbalanced hittin the corners

and these kids jumpin off the bridge you aint supposed to jump off of

then i went mtn biking up the tamarack connection trail

Day 3: July 11

my toe aint supposed to look like that

so we talked to the sherrif who told us where the hospital was

then they hooked me up to an IV and relocated it ... fucked it up ... we had to go back 3 days later

this is a small ice cream ... id wonder how big the large is

Day 4: 7-12

my dads boss showed up ... couldnt convince em to take the benz wheelin

Day 5: 7-13

while checkin out the benz i noticed that these wiper wings i have on my car come stock on these

well they finally left ... that was a boring few days

then my dads friend keith showed up .... figured you guys might like to see his truck

the right sides still good

fast as it goes

Day 6: 7-14
while cruisin out to downieville my check engine light came on, hasnt since so i dunoo what the story is

then the place told us my toe was still dislocated so we had to go to grass valley where i saw this wrx with a yellow door

then we headed on back

and i went swimmin in sand pond ... good way to bring my innertube down eh?

Day 7: 7-15
Today we went mtn biking down the downeiville downhill ... didnt have enough room in the truck so i sat in the back on a lawn chair

Rest of the pics from day 7

07-21-2003, 08:00 PM
Day 8: 7-16
cruised up to the mills peak lookout so my dad could get cell reception and check his messages

doin the hardest part of the road in the truck with no 4wd

gold lake

roads pretty easy now

then me and my dad went mtn biking up at deer lake

07-21-2003, 08:14 PM
Day 9: 7-17
got the keg chillin in the 50 degree creek

and the watermelon

cruisin to graeagle ... if i didnt know better id think i was in japan (they were doin road construction_

Day 10: 7-18
My friend razi showed up ... so heres some pics of his truck

rest of day 10 pics

Day 11: 7-19
Neil showed up and we ran the downieville downhill with him also ... pics are here

Day 12: 7-20 ... went to a meet in Reno NV ... thread is here in the CA forum even though the meet was in NV cause its close enough.

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