Sparmax Compressor

07-21-2003, 12:04 PM
Anyone ever used this brand of compressor ,Sparmax? Attached is a pic of the compressor.
Look under the model TC-5000.:feedback: :2cents:

07-21-2003, 12:38 PM
Hi iceblend!!

Nice to see another Singaporean here..
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I use a sparmax air brush and compressor...
About a year and no problems with them..
I am using the baby compressor..

07-22-2003, 02:36 AM
I've used the Sparmax AC 100 for almost 4 years now without any problem. It works great. :bigthumb:

07-22-2003, 03:10 AM
I also have had the AC100 for a few years now.
It works great and is quite silent (as it is mounted on rubber feet, it doesn't transmit any vibration to the floor).

The only problem I have had is with the water filter : when painting more than 7-8 minutes in very humid weather, this filter is not sufficient and I get some water "bubbles" in my paint. :confused:

07-22-2003, 06:34 AM
Thanks guys..but i've heard abt sparmax being over heated. And there's no spare parts when it blows!! So therfore will the tank tat comes with the compressor help?:confused:

07-22-2003, 08:28 AM
Originally posted by srlxy
I use a sparmax air brush and compressor...
About a year and no problems with them..
I am using the baby compressor..

I use the baby compressor too and it is working great for me. Very silent and so far no problems with overheating.

07-22-2003, 12:24 PM
This is how that model works..

The compressor fills the tank with the air and the compressor auto stops...

When it detects the certain level of air in the tank, it starts again by filling it up.

It is not neccessary to buy such an expensive compressor..

You have to look into what you are doing and how long you are doing..

I have ever tried using the baby compressor for an hr and have no probelms with it..

Parts are not so difficult to get as there is an agent here in Singapore..

07-22-2003, 12:46 PM
I've checked the price. Its abt S$350.And went ard to check about the prices of other compressor...They range pretty much around therE? Just slightly cheaper.Where's the agent located at?

07-22-2003, 01:00 PM
Hobby Point at Tiong Bahru Plaza 5th floor...

Sparmax compressor is good...
Srlxy... The baby compressor??? :confused: The one with 4 legs or the one with big mouth look?

btw, welcome aboard...iceblend. :wave: and do join us in every month meet up...

I'm planning to get some sparmax compressor later too...:icon16:

Rtuned :worshippy :worshippy :worshippy

07-22-2003, 01:07 PM

The cheapest one...
No point I get so expensive type as I only spraying cars..

07-23-2003, 06:45 AM
oh..okie..planning to do something more than spraying u guys do think tat the compressor is too ex??What is usually the price u got for ur compressor?

07-26-2003, 02:10 PM
I bought my baby compressor from the Tiong Bahru shop for S$180. Quite cheap compared to others.

07-30-2003, 05:04 AM
hi there Ice Blend !! I'm also thinking of getting a Sparmax TC 5000... I saw one at Far East Plaza Shopping Centre.. The shop name is Hobby Focus.. He selling abt $398.. Currently i'm also using Sparmax air brush and baby compressor..

07-30-2003, 10:49 AM
Cool! ^5...I'll be getting mine in Sept! U? Btw hw's the sparmax airbrush?Gd?And what's the model of the baby compressor?

07-30-2003, 11:42 AM
AC55 is the model and price is $180 Sing dollars.

As for airbrush, I am using the sparmax DH-125. It retails for $150 Sing dollars. Comes in a nice case with siphon cups, side 7cc cup and some other accessories.
Great to use but you need to learn how to clean the insides. Once you do, its a breeze.

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