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Hard starting car, cranks too long

07-20-2003, 03:08 PM
I own 2 ZX2'S and am having a problem with my 1998. When I start the car it is hesistating, it cranks a few times and then starts. I replaced the spark plugs and cables, coil and battery. I checked for corrosion on the battery wires and nothing. It is still doing the same thing. I now have 69,000 miles on the car and I know that the timing belt needs to be changed in between 65 and 70,000 miles. However, would that cause the car to have a hard start. When I'm driving the car it feels fine and has alot of power but have noticed a slip or 2 when stepping down on the gas so I know that I definately need to change the timing belt. I also had another question, Should I change the waterpump when I change the timing belt because that is what was recommended by a local ford dealer or do you just think their looking to make money. I have never heard of anything like that and don't find it necessary if it is fine. Please share your opinions and thoughts. Thanks!!!!!

P.S. I wanted to change the fuel filter but I didn't see where it was located, please help!

01-15-2004, 10:06 PM
Have you ever had the fuel injectors cleaned/or replaced ? That will make it hard to start and have a rough idle. My wife's '98 ZX2 has 170,000 miles on it and yesterday the number 2 fuel injector failed, making it idle horribly rough. I ordered a new set. The fuel filter is on the firewall kind of underneath the master cylinder, and under the intake tube. Very tough to get to, plus it is attached to the bracket with a hose clamp.....changed mine yesterday as well as a full tune up (plugs, wires, PCV valve, fuel filter, air filter) while I am waiting for the injectors to come in the way to check for a failed injector is to put a fuel pressure guage on the check port. If it drops after the ignition key is turned off, one or more could be leaking....

12-19-2004, 09:40 PM
Hey, I'm having a similiar problem with my car cranking over too long to start. It seems worse when it's cold out and it's been slowly getting worse.

You talk about the timing belt needing to be changed, is this something that is common in all Zx2's?


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