The best things after vacations...

07-19-2003, 10:22 AM a visit to the hobby store!

I was back from vacation in the beatiful greek islands and had some spare I thought a visit to the hobby shop was a must.

Being a motorcycle lover from a small kid and loving art on wheels the thread with the 916's made me buy the Tamburini's miracle...Praise the Ducati for this awesome motrcycle and Tamyia for the great kit...

Plz tell me that this isn't a moto to die for...and the detail on the kit is out of this world...Never seen Tamyia bikes before but this is awesome!Screws and hoses and so much detail you can't believe it...

But to test my skills before touching the princess I bought one of the first(if not the first)real superbikes HONDA CB750F ppl loved,many wins at the races and almost killed the europian motorcycle industry...

Great kit and the custom tuned package is great,amazing detail(make me jealus why we car modelers get the same goodies...)

Last but not least and to get back to our subjects another Hasewaga kit(being very happy with the ferio)I said let's give it a go!

Other than the wheels being SKINNY and some questions about the decals quality it has good detail and many extras...a Great kit...

P.S:All the above set me back more than 70 US...

07-19-2003, 11:27 AM
Nice buys. The Ducati is sweet.

07-19-2003, 01:24 PM
Ducati are the most elite crotch rockets :D Kick ass model.
I like the BMW too :bigthumb:

07-19-2003, 03:05 PM
ducati :bigthumb: I wonder when someone will make an ATV kit :icon16: Let out my inner redneck :cwm27:

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