My old Corrado (Then and Now)

07-17-2003, 11:16 PM
Finally scanned a picture of my old Corrado G60:

I deliverd pizzas in this car for a while until one day a large flatbed truck ran up onto the drivers side fender. Insurance company almost totalled it out. I didnt really feel like fixing it so I made a deal with a friend from work. He could have the Corrado minus the motor if I could have his old drag rabbit minus its motor. DEAL. And that gave birth to these two cars:
Corrado as it currently sits:
N/A 20V, 11.43 @ 118mph "World's Quickest & Fastest All-Motor fwd VW"

and my old G60 drag rabbit:
2.0L G60, 17psi, 50 shot of nitrous, severe traction issues (would spin all the way through the traps), 12.5 @ 113mph

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