Tamiya Honda NSX

07-15-2003, 12:03 AM
Is Honda (Acura) NSX Tamiya (TA24100) 1/24 Scale curbside, and how is it? Any fir problems?

07-15-2003, 12:42 AM
That kit has engine detail. The detail is good, very good molding, but the throttle body detail is very soft, and disappointing. The only other gripe I have is about the headers, as they replicate the old style, one peice parts instead of the newer, prettier ones that look more conventional. The interior is a tub design, instead of having seperate door panels, so the door panel detail is also soft, but it's still convincing (better than the RX-7). The rest of the interior is very nice, faithfully reproducing the NSX interior (down to the lousy seats). The body is very well molded, (of course), so is the undercarriage. The suspension assembly on this kit is where it really shines. They are as spindly and beautiful as on the real car.

So far I've had no fit problems. Everything fits just as it should, snugly and properly, flash and mold lines are at a minimum like you would expect of Tamiya. Straight from the box, it's as well thought out as they come, throw some detail in there and you might run into a snag or two, nothing major though.

In all, the kit is a Tamiya kit in all the good ways, and all the bad ways. It's a great jumpoff point for building a very detailed model, and is respectable in itself.

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