Jayne Larsen
07-12-2003, 10:35 AM
Good day everyone.

I have an '88 Mazda 929, that had a timing belt replacement 20,000km ago and the new one has gone. This car has changed hands from Father to son, the maintenance schedule from father was meticulous.

The problem I am having is...
when looking into have the car fixed all the mechanics in this area (Alberta) tell me that I have an interference engine and need a new one because the timing belt has most definately bent the valves.

When I talk to Mazda dealers throughout the province, Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary, Wetaskiwin and Leduc, they tell me Mazda stopped making interference engines in the early 80's.

All the books that the Mechanics have in my area (Rocky Mtn. House) show an interference engine. The books from other Mazda dealers show I do not.

How do I tell if I do or do not have an interference engine.

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