What is wrong with my paint job?

Ron Ketcham
03-24-2001, 04:14 PM
This is a common question and how do you know what is wrong, ask a bodyshop, they will sell you a paint job, ask a detailer, they want to sell you a buff job, buy some junk on an "informercial" and put it on the shelf and forget it. The site www.autoint.com has numerous pictures and explainations of various paint problems and explainations of what cause them. There are "TSB's" from automanufacturers, Tech Tips from them and technical magazine articles written for professional publications on the site.
The photos and verbage are the same the company uses to conduct training for the OEM's new field hires that call on the dealers.
You can print them out and this could save you a lot of money and greif the next time you have to visit a dealer, bodyshop or detailer.
Hope these are of help to you.

03-24-2001, 04:29 PM

can you give us a little more detail as to what exactly Automotive International does?

Ron Ketcham
03-24-2001, 04:41 PM
Certainly, we are a consultant, supplier and concern resolution company of over 26 years. We supply speciality chemicals to Ford, DaimlerChyrsler, GM, Nissan and a couple of others under private label.
We are approved, recommended or endorsed by Toyota, LandRover, Hyundai, Mazda,Mitsubishi,Suzuke and Isuzu in most of their world markets.
When any of the domestic big three find a warranty concern that is the result of assembly plant, vendor or dealer activities, we are called in to search out the concern and develope corrective measures.
We also supply some of the top carwashes in the US with materials, do training for the automotive manufacturers new hires,(just college kids, don't know one end of a vehicle from the other, let alone paint/trim issues).
We conduct the only training school for new car cosmetic prep and detailing that is recognized by the Big 3 at our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.
We licensed this course, PrepExcellence to I-Car, the training group for the collosion repair industry.
There is more , but that pretty well covers it.
If you or any others have questions regarding concerns, feel free to contact us, we will attempt to aid you , no charge of course, we are gearheads, just like most here on the forum.

03-24-2001, 04:47 PM
that is great!!
wow :eek:
i can imagine dealing with the biggest manufacturers in the world is a very good experience.
how come i have never heard of your corporation before?
can you name us some of your competition?
i just want to get the big picture.

03-24-2001, 05:00 PM
Welcome to AF!:)
It is very nice to have experts like you on the forum.
Thanks so much for offering your help to the members, we sure will take advantage of that :D
Looks like you are in a pretty big business, that is always good.

Ron Ketcham
03-24-2001, 05:04 PM
Not that many for the real stuff, the main private label is Excelda, a little bit by Mequiar's, but they are slowly losing most due to the reluctance of Barry to change the products with the times. Some 3M, but they are mainly in plant products. There are a couple that have said they are OEM approved , but in reality they are not, AutoMagic comes to mind, Ford has told them to stop it.
The funny thing is that a lot of the boutique products as I call them, even some of the infromercial crap, we make for them in our plant. These Sizzle Marketers as I like to call them, dont care about quality, product performance, damage to the paint etc, just want the cheapest thing in the fanciest bottle that they can sell lots of and then fade into the night when the customers or lawsuits catch up with them. As you can understand , I can not name them, but assure you, you have seen them, maybe even bought some of them.
Here is what we consider important, none of what we make and provide under our name contains any toxic or carcenigenic components and all have passed not only engineering testing, but each of the Big 3 have a Toxology department, that checks for workplace and worker safety, freedom of these type of components. Every product we sell them or in our little ValuGard line has passed all 3's tox. No body else can make that statement.

03-25-2001, 02:57 PM
That's sweet dude, in a couple years when I'm out of High School, you wanna hook me up with a job.

Ron Ketcham
03-25-2001, 03:59 PM
That would be a bit early. First, work in the auto collison industry, working with paints, etc, some real professional detailing experience, then dealership work. Follow that up with some college or other courses in econ, business, a bit of public speaking, some journalism wouldn't hurt.
Then, learn sales and all that goes with it. Find a way to spend some time in an assembly plant, on the paint line. Gain the confidence of the major paint suppliers.
Then, come see me, but by then I will have passed the torch to 3 young men in their early 30's that are working for me now, they will be taking over for me.
You will find me on a golf course , somewhere it is warm and the drinks are cold.

03-25-2001, 04:01 PM

Ron Ketcham
03-25-2001, 04:25 PM
Igor, one never can "go back", one does "look back" and learn from past history how to influence the future.
What is the expression? "Learn from one's mistakes". It is much faster and cheaper than making new mistakes.
Or, as we often say, "Why reinvent the wheel, just study it and make improvements."
There is more money in it, no development costs and you already have a market in place.

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