tracking down a car sold 20 years ago

10-27-2021, 10:54 PM
Hey all! I am new here and hoping to get some help/advice on how to track down a classic vehicle.

My father-in-law was given a 1955 Ford F100 by his father. He then took it, rebuilt the entire truck and modded it up to be a very pretty show truck. He sold it soon after my wife was born because he was no longer taking it to shows, that was in the 90s. Being his first rebuild, and something he worked on with his dad who has passed a few years ago, the truck is sentimental to my FIL. My wife and I really want to track down where it is and maybe offer to buy back the truck from the current owners (current condition dependent). I have the VIN# from an registration slip (my FIL still has every rego slip he had from when he owned the truck) and I have pictures.

I have tried a VIN# search, but being a 1955, the VIN is manufacturer specific and does not work in the VIN search engines because they require the newer 17 digit VINs. I also asked the folks down at the DMV what I could do to find the current owners but they said there is not much they can do because they do not share private info (totally understandable). They refused when I asked iff they would send a letter from me to the current owners without me seeing any of their info.

If y'all have any ideas or advice from your experiences and knowledge, we would really appreciate it! I am new to this Forum stuff and the classic car searching, could use all the help people are willing to give. Thank you for taking the time to read!!

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