97 good car into project

02-10-2021, 04:21 PM
Hey everyone.. heavy hitter post here..
got a 97 bravada with 104k.. Great car runs good
squeaky/scraping s ounds from under car no idea where or what really.. rear axle and/or passenger side can't really tell.. redid cv joints and front brakes 1.5/2 years ago (10k ago id guess)
Codes for purge valve leak.. replaced it... (also a while ago... ) codes back.. not sure why lines and everything seem fine havent 100% checked) unforu ately stripped manifold while investigating recently:banghead:starts hard every once in a while which i heard can be a side effect but does t seem to be drastic.
Also code for misfire cyl 1 which I think is random happened a time or 2 before....

Decent body hood dent on crease and busted front right fender a little bit... and scratchy paint but overall good...

Wanna make this my random sleeper I'm thinking...

Looked at lift kits ones 4" and up i was thinking 6 havent seen ma y for the gmc suv group just trucks maybe still similar...but all the transfer case stuff and it seems my car is heavy on the electric side is kinda scaring me.

Definitely want a V8 im a suckered for power and speed ya know coz its fun (i wish every car person Could see my great uncle talk about engines and going fast its worthy of a movie rebound/climax scene).

Any body work that will accommodate a lift and power and all that but id imagine it'll be pretty limited without going crazy custom since its not exactly a classic lol

Definitely don't have to but I really wa t to cuz cars are fun and I'm silly.
Def not a guru mexhanic but if I have examples/ a good idea I can get it done.. plus I've got car nuts for family Michigan GM OG'S. (Said great uncle was on the team for the car even) Only problem is no garage/good space to work.:shakehead

Thanks for anything!

03-04-2021, 09:50 AM
just saw your post.. still got the Bravada?
did any mods yet? not trying to dissuade you from the lift,
but might insure before the lifting, you check around your block to
see if any of your tech friends have a SnapOn brick, as you migth need
to re-program ECM, as GM set the SmarTrak parameters to only within a certain ride height, and wheel size.. plenty of lifted S10 blazers, but i've never seen a Bravada on 35s.. i would imagine still do-able; but maybe start with the speed aspect first.. maybe not even a 350SBC, but a turbo on the 4.3 (like the Syclone and Typhoon).. after you start going faster in the AWD, you might decide you want a slightly lower stance..
good luck with your project.

03-04-2021, 08:07 PM
Unfortunately havent had a chance to get anything going... been busy with work im a 1 man small business.. my uncle (the one that worked on the team) suggested a sbc throw a carb and dome pistons and have 400 hp easy and fly..and also said it'll probably rip right out of the trans/transfer case lol

He also mentioned that that is computer work is very fine tuned as far as the sm a rtrak goes so ya I can imagine that'll be a headache.

I'm convicted though for the reason just like you stated...who's seen a jacked up bravada ya know?? Could be a while though

03-05-2021, 09:15 AM
if you want, i can get specs on OEM GM ECM/ECU parameters for the SmarTrak system; so you'd know limitations for max lift prior to re-plotting computer.. and you and your uncle are correct; 400HP would do damage to transfer/trans/axles.. you can get your stock drivetrain up to 262-275 HP/TQ before having to 'stout'ening to a heavier set-up..
good luck on the project though; if you decide to undertake..

03-05-2021, 05:24 PM
Ya that would be great! I found d a post on another forum a while back a guy s upposedly swapped a 6.o and trans from I believe 03-06 somewhere in there Silverado and did a tight fit no body/frame work so I guess I could go somewhere around.. gotta say though it'd be pretty neat to keep the smartrak system.

Chris Stewart
07-03-2021, 03:33 PM
I know I'm getting on late but I had a fine '97 that got totaled out.
1997 was the last year of the all mechanical Borg Warner transfer case, non-electronic dependable piece. It's the same transfer case the '92 I still have and it still works.
I had the regular issues, water pump, starter, batteries, brakes and a one shot shift solenoid problem. Other than that, it was a great car.

07-04-2021, 09:41 AM
Chris is right; that Borg unit is 'tight'. and dependable..
sorry to hear that the '97 got tanked.. but if you still have that '92,
hold on to it (or sell it to me).. that's a great unit..
could turn it into an Oldsmobile Typhoon..

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