Looking for crossover for my father

10-13-2020, 05:13 PM
Hi. First time post. My Dad is looking for a vehicle and has a very specific list of features. Was looking for advice on which vehicles might fit this criteria, or recommendations on where to look.

Features he wants:
Thorough safety features including active braking, lane correction (controlling steering, not just a warning), lane change warnings.
A maintenance package that includes all service, oil changes, etc (maybe could add to any car?)
Luxury car smooth ride.
Seat height off the ground such that he doesn't have to duck down or climb up to get in. I interpret this as he'll want a crossover.
White (I imagine you can get any car in white).

Here's some more background if you're still reading:
He's 87, but still able to drive well. He currently has a 3 or 4 year old Toyota Avalon hybrid, which sits too low to the ground and does not have the lane correction. He sat in a Ford Edge, which was the perfect height but lacked several features. He drove a Ford Escape but felt it has too bumpy a ride and was too entry level of a car for what he wants. He's not necessarily brand specific.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance. And if I should have posted this elsewhere please let me know.

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