Great News! I can repair Bentley now!

08-19-2020, 05:14 AM
Nah, itís not that big news, it just I can finally repair a luxury car myself, a little self-fulfillment.(Iím a technician)

Itís a Bentley 2005 with MIL ON.

First I scan all the systems and go into PCM(engine system)using pro OBD scanner(too many in the market, I use artimini), and I got two trouble codes, one is P0491 and P0492, meaning that secondary injector system has issue.
Check the secondary injector system to see if any issues, and repair it. Then clear the trouble codes on the pad. The MIL went out.
And read the live data of the system, to see that if itís in the normal range, such as speed, air flow and load.

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