Ferrari F149 Turn Service Indicator OFF after oil reset/maintenance

08-12-2020, 05:34 AM
I once wrote the same topic on a BMW, and now will use Ferrari as example, since there are plenty of difference between BMW and luxury car.

Again, I need to emphasize fist that service indicator will not automatically goes OFF even the maintenance is done, itís like a calculator, a remind of mileage and driving time, and have to turn it off manually using diagnostic tool. The tool here is topdon artimini.

1.The car must be at horizontal ground, because the sensors are very sensitive to any leaning.
2.Shift to Park
3.Wait for 10 minutes after starting engine, in order to let the vehicle operation indicators reach a stable state. Each sensor used after this time will give the correct output.

1.Turn ignition ON
2.Choose the correct car model
3.Choose the correct system---Instrument Cluster--Service function--Reset
4.Check if the date and time are correct on instrument, If yes, tap OK


Is this really simple, it just so simple like clear a calculator result, to so that we need a calculator first, and thatís why we need a diagnostic tool.

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