Help me find my Dads 1968 GTX

06-21-2020, 05:55 PM
Hi all,

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the beginning of the year and is staying strong and putting up a good fight. Unfortunately heís been fighting during the COVD-19 pandemic and hasnít really been able to see any of his friends and family which is bringing down his spirit more than it already is.

He owned a 1968 GTX and had to sell it in the 1990ís due to not having enough time to fix it after the engine seized. I know he never really wanted to get rid of it and I know having it back would put the biggest smile on his face.

I canít find any of his old paperwork for it to get the VIN, so Iím hitting the internet trying to see if I can locate it and possibly buy it back for him.

1968 GTX
Red with a black roof
Two black pin stripes along the bottom side of the driver and passenger side.
His initials ďNDĒ in white on the driver door next to the handle.
Had a seized engine at the time it was sold.

It was sold while we were living in Brooklyn, NY sometime in the 1990ís.
Iím thinking it was mid to late 1990ís.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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