Used SUV help

06-11-2020, 05:08 PM
Hey, new here

Backstory: I have had the worst luck that anyone I known. In the past 5 years I have had 4 different cars- 2 ford focuses (2000 & 2006) 1 VW Passat (2003 Turbo) and currently own a 2006 Ford Escape. My grandfather who helps me buy the cars is a retired Ford plant manager, so he convinces me every time. I loved the 2006 focus but had front end and multiple brake issues, eventually wrecked. The VW was ugly but I loved the speed, but turbo blew and had to replace everything. Now the the escape.....I loved it at first, put new tires on it and called it a day. Went on a 9hr trip to Georgia and since then I replaced all the suspension: struts, shocks, mounts, everything. I had to fix AC and now my headliner is sagging with a water leak somewhere, and wiper motor is rusted and about to fall out. AND THERES A TERRIBLE CLUNKING in front end that NO ONE can find. I知 over it, I wanna get a better used SUV, my Gf and I just adopted a 3 month old babygirl. I need a safe, reliable and spacial SUV, We do trips to mountains so I知 hoping for a 4WD. I知 between a used 4Runner or Subaru Forester. I知 open to others but I love the rugged look and features. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Thoughts on them, advice, I知 just sick of dumping money I don稚 have into cars, especially now with a kid.

So sorry for length of post but I知 dying here

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