2012 Murano SL Intelligent key not working

12-27-2019, 03:49 PM
Hi -- we're the original owners of a 2012 Murano SL AWD with about 75K miles. So far perhaps the best vehicle we've ever owned in terms of comfort, reliability and usefulness for long distance travel (it's been coast to coast and border to border).

But one of the 2 Intelligent Key fobs has stopped working. It started acting weird during one very long trip. Changing the battery seemed to fix it, but it remained intermittent for a while. Now it doesn't work at all. The car will start with the fob in the dash slot and the mechanical key locks/unlocks the doors. The other fob works fine.

I've been looking for instructions on how to reprogram this fob. Plenty of info out there for the older Nissan fobs for models which use ignition keys. One site I found said consumers can't program the Intelligent Key - it takes a dealer or a locksmith with the correct programming devices.

The dealer wants $121 just to do the diagnosis - more if the fob needs to be replaced. I'll pay the money if the fob is truly hosed, but it just needs to be reprogrammed, I'd like to give that a shot first.


Thanks in advance. Paul

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