Transmission Internal Mode Switch Adjustment

08-24-2019, 08:36 PM
2007 Cadillac DTS
My initial problem after changing shift solenoids and putting it back together was the car thought it was in 1st gear when the shifter was in Park .I got the special tools required to install Internal Mode Switch and put this all together. Same thing. I found electrical prints on Auto Zone web site. Having been an industrial electrician for many years, I am pretty confident in my skills at figuring out how this is supposed to work. After ringing out the connector that goes to the switch and not getting the results I should have according to the prints, I decided to take switch apart. Pretty simple operation to take apart. I first took eraser to stationary contact strips then sprayed with contact cleaner and moved back and forth to get good contact. Also put a little more tension on moving contacts hoping to get better contact. Now I am getting good connection between contacts and seems to work. Problem is that to get the L_H_H_L that I need for park, the switch has to be slid to the end that it can't get to when installed. The rod from the valve to the switch only allows for about 1 inch of movement by the switch. (Is this correct or am I missing something??) If I take the switch alone and install to connector to ECM I can move it to where shift indicator is in P as it should be. But, as I said , the switch can't get to that position when installed in valve body and rod and clip is installed... I am totally stumped on this My first thought was maybe the stationary contacts had slid from where they were supposed to be, but they appear to be securely attached. There seems to be a lot of stationary contact that has been being used since I can see wear on it but I don't see how when the rod hits the valve body after only about an inch of travel.I am missing something but don't know what. I need a little help on this Been screwing with this for over a week Please help.. Thanks

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